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Exhaust Supports

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Vibracoustics offer a total service for the design and supply of acoustic exhaust support systems, providing a complete suspension system from engine or boiler through and out of the funnel deck. In addition to Product Group 70 components, the complete system could include Product Group 71, Funnel Deck and Fire, Gas and Watertight Deck and Bulkhead Penetrations and Product Group 75, Exhaust Bellows / Compensators. In the case of smaller water cooled systems, Product Groups 72 Reiflexa Rubber Bellows and Product Group 73 ‘3K’ Rubber Bellows could also be used.

In general each exhaust pipe work system consists of a number of pipe sections, a section being a length of pipe terminating in a stainless steel expansion bellow or compensator (Product Group 75).

The support components supplied by Vibracoustics Ltd provide the isolation suspension for the pipe work within the ship or building structure and consists of two types.The number of mounting supports should always be kept to a minimum and positioned at stiffened locations within the ship’s structure, e.g. deck levels, frame webs or specially constructed supports.

Technical PDFS

70 A 10 15C70 A 20 15C70 A 30 15C70 A 40 16K70 A 50 15C70 A 60 15C

Part Numbers

VS7032 N60, VS7032 N45
VS7041 N40, VS7041 N50, VS7041 N60
VS7042 N40, VS7042 N50, VS7042 N60
VS7062 N45, VS7062 N60
VS7033 N45, VS7033 N60, VS7033 N70
VS7043 N45, VS7043 N60, VS7043 N70
VS7034 N45, VS7034 N60
VS7063 N45, VS7063 N60, VS7063 N70
VS7064 N45, VS7064 N60
VS7036 N45, VS7036 N60, VS7036 N70
VS7044 N45, VS7044 N60, VS7044 N70
VS7037 N60
VS7067 N45, VS7067 N60
VS7066 N45, VS7066 N60, VS7066 N70
VS7045 N45, VS7045 N55, VS7045 N60
VS7046 N45, VS7046 N55, VS7046 N60, VS7046 N70
VS7047 N45, VS7047 N55, VS7047 N60
VS7049 N45, VS7049 N50
VS7048 N45, VS7048 N65
VS7049 N55, VS7049 N65
VS7052 N45, VS7052 N65
VS7050 N55, VS7050 N60
VS7070 N45, VS7070 N60
VS7072 N45, VS7072 N60
VS7074 N60

Exhaust Supports
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