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O Form Mountings

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Vibracoustics Ltd O Form Mountings (because of their relatively soft spring rates also known as low frequency mounts) consist of arubber ring bonded to two plates with fastening screws. This method of construction is particularly suitable for vibration isolation as often occurs when light equipment is softly mounted or suspended.

The standard off-the-shelf part is made of highly elastic natural rubber. Some applications require increased damping characteristics. Existing tools can produce O form mountings with increased damping by proper selection of specially formulated
rubber mixtures.

Vibracoustics Ltd O Form Mountings are designed to have different spring rates for the three different coordinates (refer to the corresponding diagram). These mounts are “soft” in X-direction, somewhat “harder” in Y-direction and “hardest” in Z-direction, considering that these are fairly soft mounts overall.

Typical Applications Include:

  •  Impact-free isolation of instruments.
  •  Electric or electronic systems.
  •  Mounting of light machinery.
  •  Mounting of light precision apparatus.

Technical PDFS

04 A 62 15K55 A 01 15E

Part Numbers

VS55001 N45
VS55001 N60
VS55002 N45
VS55002 N60
VS55003 N45
VS55003 N60

O Form Mountings
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